Tracking device


    System of Adrenalin tracking uses modern compact multi-purpose unit capable of recording its position from multi-channel GPS receiver. The received data are sent to the remote server at regular intervals via GSM network.


    connectivity between a tracking unit and a remote server provides an high performance external antenna that can be mounted outside the cockpit. therefore the signal is not affected by any material of plane structure.

  • Endurance

    The unit is connected to an external gel battery. Our solution is easily attachable to your electrical system in the cabin, as it uses 12V – this is ideal for those who do not want to worry about charging another module and who like everything alltogether.


    data transmission is carried out by an independent gsm high performance antenna. External independent antenna allows to find the best place in the glider for trouble-free data transmission. This solution perfectly works for the modern glass-fiber carbon gliders, where the material shields radio waves.

Using in the DuoDiscus
Tracking device

The adrenalintracking system is not only the physical device and data trasmission to a processing server. modern web application is an integral part of the system. It displays all attributes of each flight in very attractive way on maps or in virtual reality.